About Us


Castle Cauldron is Portland Oregon’s premier mobile kitchen and catering source for fuel on those rainy NW days, specially formulated to combat thirty-seven different types of rain!

Castle Cauldron

Premier Mobile Food and Catering

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Angela and Travis Landchild

Our Story

Owners and creators of the Castle Cauldron, Travis and Angela Landchild are both combat veteran who recently served in the US Army. After their time in the military, they returned home to start over in a new profession. After much research and brainstorming, they finally decided on building a food truck that serves Chili, Chowder, and Stew, great food for the NW.

In collaboration with Executive Chef Chris Czarnecki (a veteran himself) of the Joel Palmer House (a five star restaurant in Dayton, OR) they designed their delicious recipes, using fresh Northwestern ingredients.

Castle Cauldron...Portland Oregon's premier mobile kitchen and catering

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